Fantasy River Ranch is a place with Faith,Love and Peace.


      I am Jolen Lesswing. I am the founder and owner of  Fantasy River Ranch, but this is not all that I am. I am a single mother of one loving child named  Jozzalen. I am an animal lover and believe that it is our privilege that god has trust us with these animals he put here for us to love and help when needed.  I believe all children are god's children and it is our privilege to care for them and bring them up right and loved. I am an animal trainer ( do to an accident I'm not able to train as much at I would like to). I love to cook and craft things. I am Disabled do to a car accident in 1998, I can do many things still just have to take more brakes when the pain starts up to bad do to being allergic to prescribes medications I can not take any.

      Jozzalen is home schooled because she need more help then the school could give but not as much as some do. ( this is not me saying the schools are bad it's me saying she needs one on one at times to understand and she needs someone that will take 6 weeks on the concept if it is needed for her to understand, schools can not do that.)

     We have always had animals, we love taking care of them and they love us back.

     We would love to hear from you please use the form below to contact us, we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Thank you
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