Fantasy River Ranch Carnival is about helping kids and animals. We give 10% of all profit to FRR Helping Hands and FRR Haven. These two causes I believe in and could not find any place that dose what I want to do so I am starting up my own.

Fantasy River Ranch Carnival
is a old time back to less complicated days carnival that is draft pony drawn wagons, old time games, petting zoo, pony and cart rides, trick pony show. We are going to travel around setting up in any towns that will let us for every ones enjoyment. We have hand made  prizes.

We are still in start up for the Carnival and would love your help getting it up and running. We are currently  working on getting sponsors for our first set  up. This is exciting for me and my  daughter after all the downs we have had this past year.

Below you will see things we are working on for the  carnival

We would love to bring Fantasy River Ranch Carnival to your town!
Duck Prizes
And this is how the Handmade Yarn Art  Prizes began!
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You can help us by buying on line too below is our  Sponsor meteor it cost you nothing and we get a % of the sale
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Yarn Art Prizes