Fantasy River Ranch Haven is to help Homeless and Children!

       We are going to buy run down old motels and renovate them for Homeless. Why is this needed? There are so many people  that are  homeless and need  the help. We will be first bringing in the kids no  kid should have to live on a street. The parent/parents will need to agree to a work for board contract that will not exceed 20 hours a week. This contract is for housing, elc, heat, extra and 3 meals a day for them all.
     The  work will be helping clean, making food,  helping with others kids, teaching the  kids, some places will have other jobs like working a garden, taking care of  chickens and goats or a  cow ( if the place has an area to have those things) , maybe there will be a restaurant connected to  it and they can work in that. These will be small communities that help one another out. It will be  expected that if someone is old  some one will help them, or if  they need to work some one will watch there kids for them. I know I would do it.

The plan:
•Buy and fix up an old motel. (There are plenty abandoned in the area I'm in.)
•Set up with a care taker/ Manager that will help homeless in what is expected from them, Set up seculars and so on.
•Contact or go to shelters  to see if they have any that we could help.
•Talk with local businesses about jobs.
•Teach them about cooking, cleaning, and other things they may not know.

     I have seen run down motels around. I will go and make offers on them, then hire a local contractor to renovate it.
    I will find a capable person to manage this by talking with the homeless and using there skills to the  best we can.
    I will talk with local businesses to see if they can help with training.
      I will be checking on everything several times a month .
    I will give 10% of Fantasy River Ranch Carnival profits to this program.

         This is my pledge to
Fantasy River Ranch Haven, I know there is need for something like this and will keep trying till it becomes true.

I know in my heart this is  the right thing to do and  God is guiding me on this adventure it is his will.

Blessed Be,
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