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Fantasy River Ranch is a place with Faith,Love and Peace.

Fantasy River Ranch Helping Hands is to help Animals and there care takers.

      A little over a year a go not even week after my mother passed away, Someone call animal animal control on me well I was driving from Florida to  NY for my mothers funeral ( this was the first time I left my farm in 6 years) I got a phone  call  well I was starting to leave a gas station  on the  GA SC boarder it was animal control they claimed they were at my place for 2 hours and were told I was home and I had 30 min's to get home to talk to them or they charge me. I said I'm 2 hours away that's imposable they said well then  verbal give them to us to  well will put you on the news.. I had 350 lbs a 10/10 feed there 300 lbs of  chicken feed, 50 lb bag of  feed for the dog 30 lbs  for the cats, and 10 bails of good hay  there for the animals for the week and half I was going to be gone. My neighbor  was to feed them for me. I came back to only the dog, chickens,cats and ducks left they  took my pony team ( one  was thing do to  dear and  a new pony chasing her off her feed but I had her and her sister separate and they were gaining! ) The lager pony they took ( who was not thin) a  donkey ( who was not thin) 2 Angora goats that I had have for 14 years ( that were not thin) All I did was ask for help during this hard time. And I lost everything. The team was so thin when I got them I feed them for 6 month before trying to train them but that did not matter to these people.

This is why :

     Fantasy River Ranch Helping Hands-

We are setting up a fund to help those that have animals that just need a little help, maybe there animals got hurt and they don't have the money to take it to the veterinarian they can call us. Maybe they rescued an animals and got in over there head we can help them with feed and veterinarian bills to help the animal get to where they need to be. We are not a rescue we will not be taking the animals away from people. This is to help out in these hard times so people don't loose everything.

The Plan: Helping Hands Thank you for looking
•Set up a website for people to sponsor the animals.
•Advertise what we are about.
•Get what we need to take care of the animals. (a good horse trailer, truck, and have funds set aside.)
•Set up a veterinarian to take the animals.

    I will set up a website page for people to  see the animals we help and be able to sponsor the animals.
    I will get what I need to help the animals.
    I will find a vet I can take that animals too.
    I will advertise what we do.
    I will give 10% of Fantasy River Ranches profits to this program.

This is my pledge to Fantasy River Ranch Helping Hands, I know I have had need of something like this before in my life and there are many that still need it.

Thank you,
We need to raise $5000 to do our event on Sept. 30th below is one way you can help us.
Animals we have helped

Tony the Pony
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