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Will you, Accept our challenge?

It is easy pick an amount to sponsor Kaycee on  the trick of the week  You give how many time she complete the trick.
We agree to post one trick ever Monday that we are working on with Kaycee
We will do a new one every  time and  not reuse the old ones.
We will post it on here and https://www.facebook.com/FantacyRiverRanch/
We will e-mail you if you pledge below.
You agree to pay if you pledge an amount per trick, though the given donation button.
10 cents
25 cents
50 cents
75 cents
100 cents
I agree
I'm human
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By picking amount you agree to the challenge and will give the amount per trick done by Kaycee on Monday.
Monday November, 28th Challenge
I did my trick 6 times last Monday
Click me to
give what I earned
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You can help us by buying on line too below is our  Sponsor meteor it cost you nothing and we get a % of the sale
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