Fantasy River Ranch
Pre-order Tokens
       As you know if you have read this site, We are still looking for funding. I have decided to  give you all a chance  to pre-order  the token that will be used at  Fantasy River Ranch Carnival.

     How  this will work is you per-order the tokens, as soon as there is 150 pre-orders made I order the tokens made and ship them out for you to have when we come to your town (or near) Tokens are redeemed for rides, games and food. ( there are not refunds once they are persecuted)

     How we will determine if we will be going to your town or just near will be by how many  have  pre-ordered the tokens in your town. On this  page I will put a link to another page with town names and state and how many pre-ordered. ( names of the orders will not be on it.)

To pre-order just the token you want to the side. ( you will be able to put in what amount of tokens you wish to pre-order, there will be shipping and handling charges. 10% of the sale goes to Fantasy River Ranch Haven and Fantasy River Ranch Helping Hands! )
Towns that have
pre- ordered Tokens
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You can help us by buying on line too below is our  Sponsor meteor it cost you nothing and we get a % of the sale
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