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You can help us by buying on line too below is our  Sponsor meteor it cost you nothing and we get a % of the sale
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                         How To Sponsor a Wagon

To sponsor a Wagon is one time gift of $15000 or $1500 a month gift for 12 months We give 10% of all profit to FRR Helping Hands and FRR Haven.
Your logo will be on both sides of the wagon you sponsor.
The sponsor ship last 12 months
We will set up locally and
Starts beginning Traveling the USA of May 2017 to the end of October of 2017

(Disclaimer: If you choose to do payments the wagon your sponsoring will not be completed till we get the amount it will take to build it. You do not own any of the  wagons, your sponsorship only gets your logo on the wagon for for the 12 month, your month start when your first payment is sent in. There are no refunds )
You can sponsor us by:
1 Avalibale
3 Avalibale
1 Avalibale
1 Avalibale
1 Avalibale
Mial in
1 Avalibale
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1 Avalibale
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